Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Helpful Genealogy Information

The following is written for both beginners ( newbies) and for a reference for veteran genealogists, who are continuing their search.

   Happy Hunting!

     As a genealost knows getting correct information is paramount to a successful conclusion to your genealogy.

     Now where do we begin our search? We begin with what we know and work backwards. We begin with our parents and other relatives, being sure to talk to the oldsters, getting their memories, dates that you can pursue.

    Now let's assume your parent/ parents are deceased, assuming you know the state where death occured you will send for a death certificate.

    Now I have listed the type of information on my grandfather's death certificate.


           Date of Death
            "       "  Birth
           Birth Place
           Maiden name and birth place of mother.
           Social Security Number
           Last Occupation
           Last Employment and location
           Name of Present Spouse
           Name of town where death occured
           Name of MD or Coroner
           Where and when buried
           Name of Embalmer
           Cause of Death

   Of course there are other types of certificates you can get, I shall list two more for my grandfather.

  Marriage License Information

   State married
   Witness ( name) to marriage and residence
   Signature of person performing marriage
       Information of Groom and Bride
   Single or married before
   Birth Place
   Fathers name
   Mother's maiden name


    Birth Certificate Information for my Grandfather

    Name of father
    Name of mother
    Country of father's birth and occupation
    Children by this marriage
    Name and P.O address of medical attendant.

    So the above information would give you a very good profile of who/whom you are researching whether it be parents or not.

    Now let's assume you are ready to begin using your computer as an asset, here are some sites for you.

                      General Information
   Genealogy Wise
   Obit Look-Ups--Rootsweb
   R.A.O.G.K   Random acts of genealogical kindness, the US and other countries.
   1940 Census
   U.S. Gen Web Project
   Family Search
   Mail Lists- go to Rootsweb.com

                  Specific Sites

  Georgia Archives
  Michigan and family history network--genealogy databases
  Civil War Soldiers and sailors system search form
  Virginia Marriages ( Library of Virginia)


 Historical Societies
     If your family lived in a certain area for a long time they just might have information for you. If they do, then it will probably be best to become a member of said society because sometimes the research rates are lower if you are a member!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The father of the Warren's listed below is my * brick wall*, the father was supposedly born in Massachusetts.

Walter (1810), Hamilton (1812) and Samuel  (1818) were born in Delaware.

 Walter married Margaret Pritchard in 1832, Margaret was born in Cumberland County, New Jersey. Their family, the first 8 children were born in Murderkill Hundred, but Aaron and Francis ( Frank) were born in Potters Landing, Caroline County, Maryland.

  I have found some maps and if you put them in geographically order you will be able to see the migration of the Warren family.

   Delaware 1775-1830 Map

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Walter Warren

Hello to all Warren Researchers.

For many years I have been  trying to find my ggg grandfather.
One of his sons (Walter Warren) is my gg grandfather
Walter was born in Delaware ( 1810) and died in Camden NJ in 1899.
Do you have any connection to this Warren famil?.